2018 Alberta Beer Awards | Our In-Store Winners!

Posted on March 26, 2018 by admin

The beer scene is Alberta is growing faster than ever! In fact, since 2016, 44 new breweries have recieved licenses, with that number growing by the week. To dive deeper and honour those breweries that stand out from the rest, the 2018 annual Alberta Beer Awards was born. Industry members and judges blind tested more than 300 beer submitted around the province, with a final list of 66 beers from over 30 breweries in Alberta.

Check out the list of winners that are gracing our very own beer fridges at Bin 905. Descriptions by our beer connoisseur, Dylan.

Imperial IPA: Second Place Winner
Troubled Monk Double Sow Pow Double IPA


Made in Red Deer, Alberta. A seasonal offering, the double sow pow is a "cranked up to 11" version of the brewery's pale ale. Coming in around 9% ABV and showing a strong hop profile to balance both in aroma and flavor, this beer will please fans of the style with it's citrus, floral and pine components. Best without food due to very strong flavors.

Brown Beer: Third Place Winner
Troubled Monk Open Road Brown Ale


Made in Red Deer, Alberta. Used in and the winner of City Palate's "2018 Iron Sommelier" competition by Bin 905's own Geoff Last. Showing a strong roast and caramel profile with notes of nut and chocolate. Strong pairing with grilled meat.

Amber Beer: Third Place Winner
Grizzly Paw Rutting Elk Amber Ale


Made in Canmore, Alberta, this beer displays a clear, amber body with a foamy white head. The flavor profile is malt forward, showing primarily caramel and roast. Solid pairings include burgers and other BBQ.

Amber/Dark Hoppy Sessionable Beer: Second Place Winner
Tool Shed Red Rage Red Ale


Made in Calgary, Alberta. A Calgary local classic since opening in 2013. Dark red in colour with a hoppy backbone to balance the strong presence of roast malt characters. As it is similar in style to the grizzly paw and troubled monk open road, food pairings will be similar (BBQ and grilled meats) the red rage can stand up to strong cheeses due it it's increased hop strength.

Light Hoppy Sessionable Beer: First Place Winner
Banded Peak Plainsbreaker Hopped Wheat Ale


Made in Calgary, Alberta. Late addition hops put forward aromas of tropical and citrus fruit which are supported on the smooth and rich body. Very food friendly, particularly with summer fare (salads and lighter meats) and able to hang out with mild to medium spice due to the wheat body. Excellent patio choice.

Along with these delicious winners, we are also stocked with a number of other tasty and unique beers that are perfect for any season, dish or social occassion.