A Wine Club for Wine Enthusiasts

Posted on September 18, 2018 by admin

Navigating the world of wine can be overwhelming – there are hundreds of different grape varieties, thousands of different regions and new or existing wines that change from year to year. On top of that, trolling the aisles of endless wine can be a little overwhelming, meaning you grab the same bottle you drank the weekend before. We are here to help make your wine decisions easier and more convenient with our Wine Club. All you have to do is open and enjoy!

Each month, our in-store wine connoisseurs collect six to seven bottles (or sometimes cans) of wine and prepare them for you to try at home. The selection is always different and diverse, plus it includes a write-up on each wine describing tasting notes and pairings. Another big benefit of our Wine Club is the 20% discount on the wines provided in each bag!


Our Wine Club broadens the palates of its members through the selection of unique wines from around the world. In each bag, a variety of wine types, quantity and prices are included plus you will never receive a bottle of wine that isn’t of top quality.

We love wine and want to share the best wine experience possible. We showcase wines that pair with pizza, or wines that are perfect for special occasions.

Sign-up today in our Mission Store or online – this deal is too good to pass up!