Pass the Moutard - Exclusive wine to Bin905

Posted on October 17, 2018 by admin

Spell Moutard with an “e” on the end and you have the world’s most delicious condiment. Drop the “e” and you have a delicious Champagne from a fourth- generation producer situated in the tiny village of Buxeuil in Champagne’s Aube region. Bin 905 has been importing these wines for about a decade now and they remain one of the best bang-for-buck range of wines produced in the storied region. These wines are exclusive to Bin905 and can only be found at our Mission location, however they will be available at Granary Road in the upcoming month.

Moutard owns 22 hectares of their own vineyards and purchase fruit from another 60 hectares farmed by local growers. The Grand Cuvee, which retails for $45.71 is produced from Pinot Noir -a blanc de noir - and shows notes of cherry liqueur, crushed flowers and sweet herbs with classic mineral/acid tones. The Dame Nesle rosé, retailing for $50.48 is also produced entirely from Pinot Noir from a single vineyard site called Dame Nesle. It is fruity and vibrant showing notes of wild strawberries, herbs and citrus, a delicious Champagne that would go nicely with grilled salmon or charcuterie.